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Date Item
17-Oct Dunlop British Open
26-Sep-05 Gerrard Grand Prix
17-Aug-05 Mamut English Open
23-Jun-05 Super Series Finals
15-May-05 European Team Championships
24-Apr-05 Virtual Spectator Bermuda Masters
03-Apr-05 ISS Canary Wharf Classic
02-Mar-05 Bear Stearns Tournament of Champions
20-Feb-05 British National Championships
20-Jan-05 British Junior Open
21-Dec-04 KL Women's World Open
06-Dec-04 Qatar Men's World Open
06-Dec-04 Women's Qatar Classic
30-Nov-04 British Open
17-Oct-04 Women's World Teams
28-Sep-04 TOP MEN - new gallery with hundreds of new shots
28-Sep-04 US Open
04-Sep-04 Mamut English Open
29-May-04 Super Series Finals
10-Apr-04 Canary Wharf Classic
02-Apr-04 Bermuda Open 2004
28-Feb-04 Tournament of Champions 2004
11-Mar-04 British Nationals 2004
14-Feb-04 Kuwait Open 2004
18-Jan-04 British Junior Open 2004
05-Jan-04 Women's World Open
07-Nov-03 Men's World Teams
08-Oct-03 British Open
20-Sep-03 US Open 2003
25-Aug-03 Prince English Open 2003
01-Jun-03 Qatar Masters / WISPA GP Finals 2003
18-May-03 Super Series Finals 2003
09-May-03 European Team Championships 2003
10-Mar-03 Tournament of Champions 2003
08-Mar-03 British Nationals 2003
17-Jan-03 Top Twenty SquashPics of 2002
10-Jan-03 British Junior Open Gallery
17-Dec-02 World Open 2002 Gallery added
11-Nov-02 Through the Looking Glass - article from Squash Magazine
08-Nov-02 Women's World Open and Qatar Classic galleries added
24-Oct-02 Women's World Teams 2002 Gallery added
17-Sep-02 US Open Gallery added
09-Aug-02 Commonwealth Games Screensaver added
06-Aug-02 Commonwealth Games Doubles Gallery added
01-Aug-02 Commonwealth Games Singles Gallery added
04-Jul-02 Super Series Finals 2002 Gallery added
17-Jun-02 Commonwealth Games 1998 Gallery added
01-May-02 Qatar Masters 2002 Gallery added
30-Apr-02 British Open 2002 Gallery added
27-Mar-02 British Nationals 2002 Gallery added
27-Feb-02 Tournament of Champions 2002 Gallery added
16-Jan-02 British Junior Open 2002 Gallery added
28-Dec-01 Review of 2001, from WorldSquash, SquashPlayer and SquashPics
15-Dec Updates to Top Women Galleries - Grinham added, new pics
15-Dec Updates to Top Men Galleries - Darwish added, many new pics
18-Nov Melbourne Festival 2001 Gallery posted
05-Nov New additions to YourPics ...
01-Oct Clubs Special offer - Four or more 24x16 prints at just 20 each ...
21-Sep Al-Ahram 2001 Gallery posted
01-Sep Special offer on four popular pics ...
25-Aug SquashPics visitors pass the Magic Million Mark !!
01-Aug Super Series Finals 2001 Gallery added
30-Jul Commonwealth Games launch in Trafalgar Square
24-Jun British Open 2001 Gallery added
16-Jun SquashPics Guestbook added
14-Jun The SquashPics Vicky Botwright 'thong' collection
20-May European Team Championships 2001 Gallery added
06-May Updated Top Men and Top Women galleries now complete
29-Apr Hurghada 2001 - Power wins PSA Masters, Fitz-Gerald WISPA GP Finals ...
22-Mar Peter Nicol switches allegiance from Scotland to England - read all about it
17-Mar Nationals 2001 gallery posted
01-Feb SquashPics team arrives in New York for TOC 2001 ...
01-Feb SquashPics Tel no changed to 01903 243 834
16-Jan British Junior Open 2001 added to Gallery ...
10-Jan Squash 2000 - the great squash moments of the millennium ...
20-Dec SquashPics team up with WorldSquash.org under webmaster agreement
14-Dec Some events broken down into 'sub-webs' as SquashPics hits 500+ pics
30-Nov Women's World Team Event added
25-Nov Women's World Open - Individual Gallery added...
25-Nov Women's World Open - Carol Owens special offfer ...
28-Oct British Open Wallpaper added ...
26-Oct British Open 2000 - the SquashPics Gallery ...
07-Oct World Champions and British Open top seeds offer ...
06-Oct Special offer to Webmasters ...
04-Oct British Open - coming soon ...
02-Sep Al Ahram 2000 gallery - Joyce & Nicol win, Barada & Power fall out ...
25-Aug Al Ahram wallpaper and Action Screensaver added to Goodies
17-Aug Al Ahram Clubs offer - 30" x 20" print for 30
17-Aug Gallery completed with General and YourPics sections ...
15-Aug More past events added - Women's Worlds, British Junior Open etc ...
13-Aug Past Players completed - Jansher, Jahangir & Michelle et al...
12-Aug New graphics added (thanks, Dave!)
11-Aug SquashPix.com registered & linked to avoid confusion ...
10-Aug-00 Al Ahram 1999 added - 2000 event coming up ...
08-Aug-00 More photos added to Top Men and Top Women
06-Aug-00 Year 2000 events populated
04-Aug-00 Digital Watermarking added to images
03-Aug-00 Humour section populated
02-Aug-00 Great Venues populated
27-Jul-00 Top Women phase 1 added
25-Jul-00 Magazine Gallery added
23-Jul-00 Top Men phase 1 completed
20-Jul-00 Site Framework loaded
01-Jul-00 www.squashpics.com registered


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