ToC 2002


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Tournament of Champions 2002

bulletTournament details from Squashplayer

Vanderbilt room, Grand Central Station, New York

The Court in Grand Central Terminal

England's Lee Beachill pressures Power

2nd round - Chris Walker beats world no. 2 David Palmer

....and is jubilant in victory!

.....and then goes on to beat Australian no. 2 Paul Price

High flying Paul Price brought down to earth by Chris Walker

Semi-Final - Nicol battles through White's initial onslaught

Semi-Final - Power outmanoeuvres a tired Walker

Final - Power overcomes a sluggish Nicol

Final - Nicol under pressure

Power wins the title for the 4th time

Final - Fitz-Gerald always in control against Owens...

Final - ....and wins the title without dropping a game

Fitz-Gerald dominates again

Tournament Director John Nimick congratulates winner Jonathon Power - K. Blake Darcy of CSFBdirect looks on

K. Blake Darcy, CEO of CSFBdirect Inc., presents winners trophy to Jonathon Power

Alexander Arader of Arader & O'Rourke presents Weymuller Cup to Sarah Fitz-Gerald

Competitors eye up the $2000 prize fund for the best-of-five point shoot-out

Price wins $2000 in Lightning Round - not bad for 15 minutes work!

bulletTournament details from Squashplayer



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