Top Women

Sarah Fitz-Gerald
Linda Charman
Fiona Geaves
Stephanie Brind
Natalie Pohrer
Tania Bailey
Rachael Grinham
Suzanne Horner
Pamela Nimmo
Nicol David
Vanessa Atkinson
Vicky Botwright
Jenny Tranfield
Sue Wright
Sabine Schoene
Other WISPA Players
Leilani Joyce
Carol Owens
Cassie Jackman



The World's top Women players in action ...

Sarah Fitz-Gerald

Leilani Joyce

Carol Owens


Linda Charman

Fiona Geaves

Stephanie Brind

Rachael Grinham


Tania Bailey

Suzanne Horner

Vicky Botwright

Pamela Nimmo

Vanessa Atkinson

Jenny Tranfield

Nicol David

Sabine Schoene

Sue Wright
Other WISPA Players

17 June 2006

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