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6th June 2001

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SEXY squash star Vicky Botwright is all ready to strip for action - but she has been instructed to "cover-up" after planning to wear a tiny black bikini on court today (Thursday) in the British Open.

Officials feared that the revealing black thong would show too much of Miss Botwright's bot.

Vicky, 23, will now have to wear a normal dress when she plays number five seed Natalie Grainger at Birmingham's National Indoor Arena.

Vicky, the number 16 seed from Worsley, Lancashire, told the Daily Star: "You can get hot and sweaty playing this game and the clothes can stick to your skin. I would like the chance to wear something that is less restrictive.

"Girls are allowed to wear this kind of clothing in beach volleyball so I don't see why we can't.

"I know it might raise a few spectators' blood pressure but I am sure that if we were allowed to wear things like this, a lot of players would. It would look great on TV and would certainly help us to promote the game to a wider audience."

WISPA director Andrew Shelley said: "We don't have a strict rule on this sort of thing, but we are concerned that referees might find it difficult to concentrate on the squash.

"Our members are fine athletes and it is understandable that they should want to show of their assets. We will discuss it more fully at our next board meeting."

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Fashion note: Having discarded her thong on WISPA orders, Vicki looked fetching in a silver-grey dress with navy shoulders, while Natalie took to the court in a white skirt and slinky silver top.


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The approved kit

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